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You know you have CF when...
Apr 03, 2018 at 4:34 PM
  1. You know how to sleep sitting up straight in bed
  2. You know how much fat is in basically every food (so you can dose enzymes)
  3. When you cough and someone asks if you're okay, You sarcastically say yes
  4. You're offended if no one asks if you're okay after a coughing fit
  5. You have a bag filled with hospital supplies for when your admitted, thats always ready to go when you need it
  6. when you smell cigarettes, you hunt that person down and give them the most inntense dirty look ever
  7. there are more medications/inhalors in your purse than "normal items"
  8. you can call your doctor and ask for a med by name
  9. They give that med to you
  10. You're the strongest person and even though CF sucks, you're able to push through the pain and refuse to take sympathy from others.