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Hospital Stay
May 11, 2018 at 1:05 PM

Well here I am again, writing about being in the hospital. I feel like i'm a broken record at this point. Today I went to the ER for coughing up blood, having an O2 stat of 88, a sevre cough and dry heaving. They transfered me via ambulance to my specialty clinic and we are now settled at waiting on IVs and the doctor to come in.

I think the worst part of this stay is that I am 3 hours away from home and tomorrow is my younger brothers 18th birthday. PLUS i'll be in here for mothers day. It sucks that I have to be away from them. Thank god for facetime and buying gifts before the last minuite. My boyfriend is on his way up and will be staying with me for a few hours.

I'll keep ya'll updated, but PLEASE message me because i'm lonley.

Isabella <3