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11 year transplant anniversary!!!
Dec 19, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Last week I celebrated my 11th anniversary of my double lung transplant. It’s an amazing feeling to pass the 10yr mark. I should have died 11 years ago. I had 11% fev1 and my Co2 was in the 120’s. I was vented and listed within 5 days of my evaluation and I only waited 3 days until I got lungs. I still think if my Donor angel everyday.

I know there are stories of less successful transplants but I promise you just having a year of breathing healthy and getting my life back was worth it...the other 10 years are just bonus years.

Live done slit in the 11 years I’ve been gifted. I have done professional comedy improv, been in a movie, did a gaterade commercial, went back to school, own my own business, bought a house, bought a motorcycle, I’ve done trail competitions with my 3rd generation make a wish horse. Life is wonderful and unpredictable. It’s full of sadness and grief and yet so much joy and love helps balance everything out
and helps us grow as individuals.

We choose our own happiness.