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9 year old son's PFT's
Feb 13, 2019 at 6:25 PM

My 9 year son started doing the PFT test when he was 5 years old. He has always been in the 100s or high 90s. Over the last few visits those numbers have dropped to the low 80s. I will say that I do not believe he is doing them properly mainly because he is so focused on the game on the computer that he doesn't listen to the instructions. He doesn't always breathe in and out when he is suppose to, he takes his mouth off the tube, he won't wear the nose plugs, etc. There has been absolutely no difference in his health or physical activity. He is all boy and is high energy. He has never had a cough unless he is actually sick, for instance he just got over the croup a week ago. He can run for ever and plays sports without being at all tired.

Along with this, his last appt was right in the middle of him having the croup last week. They are now wanting to add azithromycin to his routine medicines. This has never been mentioned before and I hate being so quick to
throw him on a medicine.

Has anyone else had experience with kids having issues with doing a PFT correctly and it affecting the numbers?? I just want to make the right decisions for him.

Thank you!


Hi Michaela, my name is Diane and I am 58 with Cf.   If you don’t mind, I’ll share my own take on a couple of things. I have complained for years about those machines being inaccurate as well as not doing the test “right” according to how I felt on a given day.  (Hard week at work plus no workout time: lower score.) Despite this I had a 30 year career and now still work on our farm and own a business.   My team here (UCSF) has been honest enough to share that pfts are not always an complete indicator of lung function as much as the full picture of the person. Your son was sick that day and a little distracted and that’s okay.  He sounds extremely healthy and active on the whole and that’s what counts!  
The second thing is, follow your intuition on new drugs.  Ask lots of questions. Be wary of the “just in case.”  I personally have declined azithro. because after pressing them, they told me it acts as an anti-inflammatory since it was too mild to battle tough infections. My liver is still very healthy - heavy use of antibiotics greatly stresses the liver, and in some people causes it to go down.  Why would I take that when fish oil does the same thing? 
This was years ago. Now, they prescribe high quality fish oil and I don’t have to buy it, except for my husbands.  It’s great. 
I also had 100% at 9. Didn’t see changes till my late 40’s.  Feed your son LOTS of antioxidants: real fruits and veggies, get a juicer, and have faith!  He’ll do well.  I’m not on this site as much but you can email me any time. Remember declining a drug doesn’t make you a bad mom - it makes you a wary consumer on your sons behalf. And that’s a great mom!  Good luck! ????
Feb 23, 2019 at 5:31 PM
Honestly I am never phased by the numbers.  As long as he's feeling great that's all that matters.  Sometimes it depends on the day too.  CF lungs are weird lol
Apr 19, 2019 at 5:16 AM